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I am now using my middle name, Adele Gardner, in tribute to my namesake, my father and mentor, Del Gardner.
Past works have appeared under variations of my legal name (Carolyn Adele Gardner, C. A. Gardner, Carolyn A. Gardner), my previous nickname (Lyn C. A. Gardner, Lyn Gardner), or my SCA name (Deirdre Ní Fionnula).

Adele's first poetry book, Dreaming of Days in Astophel (under her byline Lyn C. A. Gardner), is available in the Alban Lake Store.

Writing and Editing


Please note that (c) copyright to all photographs on this page (except for book & magazine covers) is owned by Adele Gardner. Photos were created by Adele Gardner and/or are from her collection. Menu portraits created by Daniel Michael Hegarty Sr. (left) and Adele Gardner (right). All rights reserved.


Adele's mystery writing group, Mystery by the Sea, the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of Sisters in Crime, helped produce the VIFM anthology series. Find the books, events, and more at Virginia Is for Mysteries.


My first book, a poetry collection called Dreaming of Days in Astophel. From the publisher's page (Sam's Dot Publishing): "Gardner's collection of fantasy and science fiction takes you to the ends of the universe, real and imagined, and back again."

From the review by J. L. Comeau: "This lush collection of fantasy/sf poems is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Elizabeth I and the glory, caprice, decadence and folklore surrounding the era. You'll find Avalon, Camelot, vengeful queens, wizards, witches, mermaids, heroes and doomed beauties. Castles loom and ghost ships sail across the dim horizons. A young peasant boy hefts a toy sword, yearning for a knighthood that will insure his death. Written in luxuriant language, Ms. Gardner takes the reader on journeys to landscapes that are recognizable yet fantastic, deftly enmeshing lore and legend in tapestries of wordcraft. Beautiful full color cover art by artist/author Marge Simon." (Review formerly available at The Tomb of Dark Delights.)

The majority of collected poems either appear here for the first time, were previously available only in print 'zines, or are no longer archived online. Here are the few available online samples:

Cover art by Marge Simon

Dreaming of Days in Astophel
Table of Contents

The Golden Age
Holding Faerie
La trobairitz a la dame de s'amie.
The Minstrel's Song
Telon's Harp
Farewell to Avalon
Left in Lance's Box

Guenever's Choice
The Hero Fergus
Saeve's Doom


Published Stories

The Final Ploy
The Serpent's Price
To Fly Above the Sea
Time's Magic Measured
The Pilgrimage
The Peasant Boy
Lament for Lanis-Doon
Ys Awake
Irene's Tomb
I Sing Ophelia
To Hear You Speak
The Queen's Revenge
The Send-Off
The Return
Rildix Falls
Ghost Fleet
The Misty Glade
Godolin's Remains
In Moon-Darkness
Death-Chant for R'Diiah
Our Lady of Darkness
The Cost
While the Candles Burn
Riding to Faery
View of an Evening Sun
In Fallen Astophel


Published Poems

Little Adele Gardner. Photo by Daniel Michael Hegarty Sr., from the collection of Adele Gardner

Children's & Young Adult




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Encyclopedia Entries





  • Wrote label copy and collected artifacts for “Herman Melville: ‘The Man Who Lived among the Cannibals’” in the exhibition Skin Deep: The Art of the Tattoo, presented from October 24, 1998, to September 26, 1999, at The Mariners’ Museum.

Newsletters & Journals

Editorials & ongoing columns for Virginia Libraries, quarterly journal of the Virginia Library Association

Journalism for The Mariners' Museum


Call for Submissions Coming Soon

I've been fortunate enough to have my proposal accepted to guest-edit a themed issue of Eye to the Telescope: The Science Fiction Poetry Association Online Journal of Speculative Poetry.

Please note that the following is only a draft. Expect to see changes. Look for the official call for submissions sometime after October 1, 2017 on

The submission deadline will be December 15, 2017.

The publication date will be January 15, 2018.


For the Arthuriana issue of Eye to the Telescope, I’m seeking narrative and persona poems that explore all aspects of the Arthurian tradition. Feel free to enter into dialogue with Celtic legends, medieval romances, Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite revivals, historical paintings and tapestries, folk ballads or classical music, history as we know or imagine it, or any tradition you choose to converse with or create. See an old character through new eyes or invent a new character encountering the familiar figures of the Arthurian mythos. I welcome poems that include characters and viewpoints from all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, neurotribes, and life experiences. Though the Arthurian cycle is part of the Matter of Britain, feel free to create characters and settings from around the world, so long as they interact in some way with recognizable aspects of the Arthurian tradition. Poems can be science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Time travel, future versions of Camelot, folklore and legend, mythological or historical fantasy, and more are all welcome.

While far from an exhaustive list, some of my personal Arthuriana favorites in all media and genres include:
“The Defence of Guenevere,” William Morris
Idylls of the King, Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Camelot, Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe
The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley
“The Last Defender of Camelot,” Roger Zelazny
Camelot 3000, Mike W. Barr (writer) and Brian Bolland (pencils)
The Once and Future King, T. H. White
Kingfisher, Patricia A. McKillip
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Gilliam and Jones (directors)
Le Morte d’Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory
The Arming and Departure of the Knights, Morris & Co.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Mark Twain
Tristan and Iseult, Rosemary Sutcliff

Please be aware that I may offer editorial suggestions prior to acceptance. You are not obliged to accept them. We will have time to discuss any potential changes, and I encourage this. An acceptance will be conditional on both of us agreeing on the final form of the poem.

May the road rise up to meet you on your quest!

About Adele Gardner

A Clarion West graduate and an active member of SFWA, Adele Gardner has twice won third place in the Rhysling Awards. She’s had a poetry collection, Dreaming of Days in Astophel, as well as 224 poems and 40 stories published in venues such as Legends of the Pendragon, The Doom of Camelot, Strange Horizons, NewMyths, Silver Blade, Daily Science Fiction, Liquid Imagination, Mythic Delirium, Podcastle, Goblin Fruit, Songs of Eretz Poetry E-Zine (including two Father & Daughter Special Features), and more. Two stories and a poem earned honorable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Previously published as C. A. Gardner and Lyn C. A. Gardner, Adele lives and writes under her middle name to honor her father Delbert R. Gardner, her mentor and namesake, for whom she serves as literary executor. Learn more at

Literary Magazines: Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Art

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Managing Editor, 1994-95. Dominion Review, ODU. Arranged meetings and coordinated staff contributions, made final fiction and nonfiction selections, typed and copyedited contents, laid out magazine, and made printing decisions.

Reader, 1994. Dominion Review, ODU. Helped select fiction and poetry.

Editorial Staff, 1991-93. Currents, literary magazine, CNU. As a member of a large committee, helped anonymously select fiction and poetry.

Editor, 1987-88. Visions, Denbigh High School. As a member of a large committee, helped anonymously select fiction, poetry, and art. In addition, was invested with veto power by our staff sponsor. Other duties as overall editor included typing, proofreading, and laying out the magazine; coordinating meetings; and managing distribution.

Publicity Chair and Reader, 1986-87. Visions, Denbigh High School. Coordinated calls for submissions and handled publicity and distribution. As a member of a large committee, helped anonymously select fiction, poetry, art, and music.


Professional Journals, Newsletters, and Writing Organizations

Contributor and Member of the Editorial Board, April 2012-. Under the leadership of the current editors, I am currently a coedited Virginia Libraries, the quarterly journal of the Virginia Library Association. We solicited, developed, edited, and occasionally contributed articles devoted to professional library services and other items of interest to those employed in Virginia libraries. We also conducted interviews with Virginia writers. Together, we wrote an editorial for each issue. In later issues, we also took on direct editing of and writing for the "Virginia Reviews" column, and I created the associated column "Virginia Publications."

Editor, December 2011-July 2012. The Rhysling Anthology, Science Fiction Poetry Association. Chair of the Rhysling Awards. Coordinate nominations of poems by SFPA members; gather permission for reprints; communicate with poets and publishers; prepare manuscript and proofread; coordinate correction of the proof; work with SFPA officers to achieve deadlines and maintain quality standards.

Coeditor, 2003-March 2012. With Cy Dillon, I coedited Virginia Libraries, the quarterly journal of the Virginia Library Association. We solicited, developed, edited, and occasionally contributed articles devoted to professional library services and other items of interest to those employed in Virginia libraries. We also conducted interviews with Virginia writers. Together, we wrote an editorial for each issue. In later issues, we also took on direct editing of and writing for the "Virginia Reviews" column, and I created the associated column "Virginia Publications."

Editor, 1999-2001. VASLA Bulletin, Virginia Chapter of the Special Libraries Association. Solicited, wrote, and edited articles. Laid out newsletter and dealt with printer/distributor.

Interim Copyeditor, 1994. AWP Job List, Associated Writing Programs (now called Association of Writers & Writing Programs), Old Dominion University. Typed, proofread, laid out publication, took issues to press, and managed distribution.

Proofreader, 1994. Associated Writing Programs, ODU. Proofread AWP Chronicle (now called The Writer's Chronicle), AWP Guide to Writing Programs (now The AWP Official Guide to Writing Programs), brochures, announcements, and letters.

Assistant to the Editor, 1994. Phi Kappa Phi Newsletter, ODU. Obtained and researched articles, proofread, and prepared finished copy for distribution.


Full-Time Editing for Educational Organization (Books, Newsletters, Exhibits)

Editor, 1999-2001. The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia. Edited all text put before the public, including books, newsletters, annual reports, exhibitions, press releases, educational packages, website text, announcements, and other items.

Books Edited
An America’s Cup Treasury: The Lost Levick Photographs, 1893-1937 by Gary Jobson
The Mariners’ Museum Park: The Making of an Urban Oasis by Harold N. Cones

Assisted on Book Projects
Captive Passage: The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Making of the Americas, published by Smithsonian Institution Press in association with The Mariners' Museum
Chris-Craft: The Essential Guide by Jerry Conrad
Keeping Time: The Story of the Marine Chronometer by Jonathan D. Betts (not yet published)

Pipe, the quarterly newsletter of The Mariners’ Museum
ICMM News, the biannual newsletter of the International Congress of Maritime Museums

Other Articles
• "Life's a Beach: The History of the Bathing Suit," compiled, edited, and ghostwritten from text for the planned exhibit by Thomas Moore & Anne Marie Millar, Hampton Roads Monthly (now Hampton Roads Magazine), June 2001.

It’s About Time, December 18, 1999
America’s Cup: There Is No Second Place, January 25, 2000
Taking the Stars, February 25, 2000
2000 Scale Ship Competition and Exhibition, June 16, 2000
Our Navy Presidents, September 7, 2000
Waters of Despair, Waters of Hope: African-Americans and the Chesapeake Bay, July 29, 2000
Reflections on the Bay: The Photography of A. Aubrey Bodine, October 28, 2000
Legend Has It, December 2, 2000
Women and the Sea, March 17, 2001 (with Susannah Livingston)
Life's a Beach, was completely edited at time of layoffs/hiring freeze in June 2001, when all exhibits were cancelled due to the museum's financial crisis; the concept was later revisited and some of the text used for the installation that finally opened in the summer of 2005.


Freelance Editing

Through referrals by ODU English Department Graduate Program Director, I edited a variety of projects for grammar, clarity, style, and special format requirements from 1996-97. Projects included The Golden Age Book by John Dabul, a PhD dissertation and an MA thesis, and "Unfit for Duty": Serendipity and Sorrow by John S. Jiannas.

My most recent freelance editing projects include contributions to Magill’s Choice: Classics of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (Salem Press, 2002), Magill's Choice: 100 Masters of Mystery and Detective Fiction (Salem Press, 2001), and Encyclopedia of American Literature of the Sea and Great Lakes (Greenwood Press, 2000). I also write book reviews, primarily for the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. For more information, visit the Nonfiction section of my Publications page.


Education and Training

Master of Arts in English Literature. Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va., May 1996. Emphasis in Creative Writing and Victorian Literature. GPA: 3.95. Thesis: An "Earthly Paradise": William Morris's Later Prose Romances.

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, with Music Minor in Performance (Harpsichord). Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Va., May 1993. GPA: 4.0. Top graduate of class.

Participation in numerous writing workshops, conferences, and classes, 1991-present, including classes at CNU and ODU and workshops such as Clarion West (2004). Prepared constructive critiques of stories and papers. Intensive study of the craft of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

With a master's in library and information studies from Florida State University (2003) and more than twenty-five years in library and research occupations, many of my library/information science and research skills also serve me well as an editor.

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