C. A. Gardner, the Moon Voyager

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World of Winter

I hate to sleep, but I love to dream. My dreamworld is often more rich and strange than my waking life, populated with people I love, alive or dead, fictional or real, strangers that I meet and grow to love within the world of the dream. The strangest, most horrifying, most beautiful things happen, and the scenes and moods are things I pine for throughout the waking day.

I dream in themes. Some motifs haunt me: flight, battles with evil, the end of the world, ancient houses filled with strange nooks and weird old furniture and dust, whose floors sag and break beneath my feet. I find my loved ones here, and I treasure the visits I spend with those now dead. Other dreams take me to places I know and love, turned strange.

Dreams of Flying:

Magpie Flight

To Fly Above the Sea

Flight Photography


Dream Poetry
from, or about, dreams...


The Misty Glade

The Gift

The dreaming is a sweet place to which I must return....

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