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Additional Professional Experience in
Editing, Writing, Public Relations, and Management
(arranged by start date)

  • 1955-59: As Chairman of Artists and Lecturers Committee, Lycoming College, booked five or six artistic events per year and handled all publicity for those events.

  • 1958-59: Part-time news-writing for Grit newspaper, Williamsport, PA.

  • 1962-73: As Advisor to Keuka College literary magazine, Red Jacket, acted as de facto managing editor, approving and proofreading material and coordinating with printer. (Note: included pieces were voted on and selected by the student editors in blind review.)

  • 1964-65: President, Keuka College Chapter of AAUP.

  • 1964-75: As member of Field Period Committee, acted as traveling representative of Keuka College in visiting job placements of students engaged in off-campus work-study projects. Involved supervision of students as well as PR visits.

  • 1968-72: Member, Professional Standards Committee, Keuka College. Interviewing candidates for faculty and administrative positions.

  • 1970-72: As member of two-person Committee on Publications, Keuka College, developed four types of brochures which advertised various aspects of the college.

  • 1975-76: As Coordinator of Yates County Arts Council, contacted nonprofit organizations for news of artistic events, and published that news in a newsletter.

  • 1977-79: Supervisor of phone personnel, Great Republic Organization/Great Republic Insurance Agency.

  • 1979-80: Supervision of typist and three other training-developers at U.S. Army Transportation School.

  • 1979-92: Writing and editing technical training literature for U.S. Army (see "Federal Government Experience," above).

  • 1985-87: Helping manage program by Army service schools to develop training for the Reserves.

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Please see Writing (Nonfiction), Teaching, and Honors for additional editing & journalistic experience.


  • Ph.D. in English Literature (emphasis: Victorian Literature), University of Rochester, 1963.

  • M.A. in English Literature (emphasis: American Literature), Syracuse University, 1955.

  • A.B. in English Literature, Syracuse University, 1953.

  • Additional Education for Development of Training: Criterion-Referenced Instruction Workshop, U.S. Army Transportation School, July 30-Aug. 17, 1979: 120 hours.

Honors and Awards

  • Certificate of Achievement, Fort Eustis, VA, 1982.

  • Exceptional Performance Rating, Fort Knox, KY, 1984.

  • Exceptional Performance Ratings (five), Fort Eustis, VA, 1987-92.

  • Sustained Superior Performance Awards, Fort Eustis, VA, 1987, 1992.

  • Exceptional Performance Rating, 1987, USATSC.

  • Sustained Superior Performance, June 1986-June 1987, USATSC.

Federal Government Civil Service Experience (chronological order)

  • 1979-81: Writer-Editor (GS-09), Army Transportation School, writing and editing training for the U.S. Army Reserve Component (RC), Ft. Eustis, VA.

  • 1981-82: Writer-Editor (GS-09), Army Training Support Center, participating in management of RC Special Configuration Project, Ft. Eustis, VA.

  • 1982-85: Editor (GS-09), Armor School, editing field manuals and developing educational materials for the U.S. Army Reserves Training Literature Division, Ft. Knox, KY.

  • 1985-92: Writer-Editor/Training Specialist (GS-11), Army Training Support Center (ATSC), overseeing program RC Configuration Program at five Army service schools to develop RC training. Developing technical training literature at U.S. Army Transportation School, Ft. Eustis, Va.; overseeing development of educational materials with the U.S. Army Training Support Center, Ft. Eustis, VA.

Special Skills

  • Proficient in use of Multimate word processing.

  • Excellent Dad :)

  • Also an exceptional husband, grandfather, son, sibling, and all-around family man!

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