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Other Experience in Education

  • 1979-80: Developing training literature for U.S. Army.

  • 1979-87: Either developing or overseeing the development of training materials for U.S. Army.

  • 1979-92: Writing and editing technical training literature for U.S. Army (see "Federal Government Experience," above).

  • 1985-87: Helping manage program by Army service schools to develop training for the Reserves.


Adele Gardner Is Agent & Literary Executor for Delbert R. Gardner

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Please see Writing (Nonfiction), Editing, and Honors for additional experience as an educator.


  • Ph.D. in English Literature (emphasis: Victorian Literature), University of Rochester, 1963.

  • M.A. in English Literature (emphasis: American Literature), Syracuse University, 1955.

  • A.B. in English Literature, Syracuse University, 1953.

  • Additional Education for Development of Training: Criterion-Referenced Instruction Workshop, U.S. Army Transportation School, July 30-Aug. 17, 1979: 120 hours.

Honors and Awards

  • Graduate Assistantship, Syracuse U., 1953-55.

  • Graduate Fellowship, U. of Rochester, 1960-62.

  • Grants-in-Aid from College Center of Finger Lakes: for Literary Research, 1966; for Creative Writing, 1969.

  • Future Scholarship for my Daughter in Recognition of Faithful Service, Keuka College, 1975.

Academic Teaching Experience

  • 1953-55: Assistant Instructor, Syracuse U., teaching English composition.

  • 1955-59: Instructor, Lycoming College, teaching English composition and literature, and booking speakers for the Artists Series.

  • 1962-67: Asst. Prof., Keuka College

  • 1967-75: Assoc. Prof., Keuka College.

  • 1962-75: Assistant/Associate Professor, Keuka College, teaching composition, literature, and creative writing, and advising literary magazine staff.

Sample of Courses Taught


  • Freshman English, 4 years.
  • American Literature Survey, 4 years.
  • Creative Writing, 1 year.


  • Freshman English, 12 years.
  • Fiction-Writing, 12 years.
  • World Literature, 6 years.
  • 19th-Century Literature, 5 years.
  • 17th-Century Literature, 3 years.

Professional Activities
(arranged by start date)

  • 1955-59: As Chairman of Artists and Lecturers Committee, Lycoming College, booked five or six artistic events per year and handled all publicity for those events.

  • 1962-73: As Advisor to Keuka College literary magazine, Red Jacket, acted as de facto managing editor, approving and proofreading material and coordinating with printer. (Note: included pieces were voted on and selected by the student editors in blind review.)

  • 1964-65: President, Keuka College Chapter of AAUP.

  • 1964-75: As member of Field Period Committee, acted as traveling representative of Keuka College in visiting job placements of students engaged in off-campus work-study projects. Involved supervision of students as well as PR visits several weeks per year.

  • 1968-72: Member, Professional Standards Committee, Keuka College. Interviewing candidates for faculty and administrative positions.

  • 1970-72: As member of two-person Committee on Publications, Keuka College, developed four types of brochures which advertised various aspects of the college.

  • 1975-76: As Coordinator of Yates County Arts Council, contacted nonprofit organizations for news of artistic events, and published that news in a newsletter.

Above: Portrait of My Father I by Adele Gardner (Photos/Art)

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